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The DATS program is very unique in many ways. It consists of a curriculum of 18 highly integrated learning sessions conducted over a 9 week span. Each of the 18 sessions are of 4 hours duration and there are two sessions each week resulting in a focused 72-hour program. The dental office is the classroom and greater than 90% of all the training is in the Operatory. Everything learned is practical and hands on with no theory or extraneous material. DATS operates on the principle of 1 instructor for every 6 students -- ensuring a highly concentrated, one-on-one teaching and learning experience.

Our mission is to be our students' first choice, by providing them with the practical skills needed to achieve success and enter into the Dental field quickly and cost-effectively.

Our graduates leave the school with basic knowledge in:

  • Four-Handed Dentistry
  • Dental Terminology & Charting
  • Basic Instruments and Equipment
  • Knowledge of Taking and Developing X-rays
  • Sterilization of Equipment and OSHA guidelines
  • Fabrication of Temporary Crowns
  • Taking Alginate Impressions
  • Pouring Models
  • 2-year CPR Certification and Basic Life Support
  • Job Interviewing Techniques
  • Job Placement Guidance